About Us




Freedom means different things to different people. To some, it means a feeling of wholeness; to others it means understanding the reason for existence. Some say that it is a moment relieved from responsibility and the  enjoyment of peace. 

To me, pHreedom is a state of mind. It is my conscious decision to choose happiness. It is facing the outcomes of that decision courageously. It is leaning into life’s variability. Finding balance.

Live pHree Clothing is a fashionable streetwear brand that celebrates freedom and individuality. More than function, clothing is an opportunity for self-expression. What we choose to wear can reveal our passions, amplify our values, declare our stances, and showcase our interests. Live pHree Clothing thoughtfully balances our need to express ourselves and live beyond the compactness of rules and societal expectations—to live comfortably, stylish, and out loud. 

Live pHree.

Why Buy from Us?

  • Our clothing is made from top-quality materials.  
  • We provide a variety of clothes in different designs that meet the diverse needs and style of our customers.
  • Our clothing is affordable without compromising on quality.  
  • Our streetwear collections are designed for maximum comfort and pHreedom.  
  • We provide top-notch customer service, ensuring that all customers feel positive about their purchases and buying experience.